Alex Montrieux is lonely. When he meets an American girl online, and the two fall in e-love, it's only natural that he comes for a month-long visit. But minutes after he lands, the young lady changes her mind and dumps him at a rundown suburban motel.

Alex is on his own in America. During a night of despair and cheap whiskey, he meets Ron, a good-natured, overweight Burger King junkie who spends most of his waking life in his parents' basement. Ron cheers up Alex with a tour of Chicago—its hot dogs its skyscrapers, its weed, and the bustling life on the street. But later in the week, desperate and alone again, Alex meets a surprisingly complicated girl named Helena that suddenly makes his trip worthwile.

Faced with the prospect of returning home, Alex decides to stay and build his own business in the States—based on a simple premise: offer enough pleasure and you can charge any price. Along with Ron and Helena, Alex partners with Bob, Ron's best friend, a dim witted ex-convict with political aspirations, and Reza, an Iranian entrepreneur who owns a small pizza shop.

The business explodes and Alex quickly finds himself something of an underground kingpin, despite being increasingly conflicted between the two sides of his relationship with Helena, his girlfriend and employee. When Bob's greed and jealousy raise the stakes to a dangerous level, Alex is faced with a choice between a better self and his high rolling life.